Powell Paralta Anderson Hydrant Flight Deck

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The Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Vajra Hydrant Flight deck is hot off the press with a symmetrical twin tipped shape!

This deck’s wide stubbed nose and tail provides comfortable footing and flicking, while being great for building consistency. With a slight curve as well, it makes this deck ideal for Pogos and Caspers. Overall, the whole board is curved and features egged rails which are chip evasion, as the board will ‘roll’ instead of ’smash’ when hitting the ground!

  • Deck Shape 302  Concave K26
  • Length 32.1″ Width 8.4″
  • Wheelbase 14.25″
  • Nose 6.83″ Tail 6.83″ 

Powell Paralta Anderson Hydrant Flight Deck